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The lifting type AGV project of the company's standard SAIC passenger car port base

Published Data:2018-01-19 Article Source:CIZON

There is a city in the field of automobile assembly AGV, and the AGV project is raised by the two degree SAIC passenger car, which can satisfy the 20-60JPH capacity of the lift type AGV. Up to now, more than 85% AGV of the new SAIC energy car factory is provided by the droid robot, including the battery PACK line AGV, the battery pack AGV, the battery transport AGV and so on. The following robot years ago is expected to Chinese new energy vehicle market will be rapid development, actively developing all kinds of AGV products for the use of new energy vehicles, in order to develop new energy battery including PACK, AGV, AGV cell line detection of motor assembly line AGV, battery pack, AGV chassis with a lift type double lift / three lifting AGV full range of new energy automotive AGV product line. It has been successfully applied to the main engine plants, such as the new energy of SAIC, the new energy of Fuzhou, the new energy of universal Wuling treasure Jun, and so on.