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Special Type AGV

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Special Type AGV

Hengjia Robot Series

Special Type AGV

Load weight:500-5000kg

Velocity range:1-60m/min

Application case:Special Type AGV

Product details

Load Form Bearing、Clawing/turning/lifting
Load Bearing/ Maximum Speed 500kg-5000kg (Maximum speed 60m/min)
Speed Range 1-60m/min
Size L5500mm×W2200mm
Driving From Differential Mechanism/steering wheel
Driving Direction Forward ,Backward, Turning, Traversing、Rotating
Control Method Embedded Controller/PLC
Wireless Communication 2.4GHz/5GHz industrial wireless
Guidance Magnetic Stripe、Visual navigation、Inertial guidance
Guide Sensor 16bits magnetic sensor/Visual sensor/Gyro
Guide Walking Accuracy ±10mm(Magnetic sensor/Visual sensor),±40mm(Gyro)
Stop Accuracy ±10-30mm
Address Reading High Frequency RFID/QR code
Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Laser Scanning
Mechanical Collision Protection Collapse metal bar + safety contact edge
Power Supply Lithium Battery/Nickel-cadmium Battery
Vehicle Voltage 24V DC/48V DC
Charging Method Contact Online Charging
Motor According to the design
Motor Driver DC Server Driver
HMI 7-inch color display