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Lifting AGV

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Hengjia Robot Series

Three Lifting AGV-TJS1000

Load weight:2500kg

Velocity range:1-60m/min

Application case:Lifting AGV

Product details

Load Form Bearing, Electric lifting: Bearing
Load Bearing/ Maximum Speed 2500kg (Maximum speed 60m/min)
Speed Range 1-60m/min
Lifting Speed 5.5m/min
Lifting Stroke 1000mm
Floating Range of Lifting platform Back and Forward 80mm, Left and Right 50mm
Lifting platform Form/ Height of platform(From the ground) Scissors platform/700mm Cylinder platform/950mm
Tracking Mode Light target capturing
Size L5500mm×W2200mm
Driving From Double steering wheel
Driving Direction Forward, Backward, turning, Traversing
Control Method PLC
Wireless Communication 5GHz industrial wireless
Guidance Magnetic Stripe
Guide Sensor 16bits magnetic sensor
Guide Walking Accuracy ±10mm
Stop Accuracy ±10-30mm
Address Reading High Frequency RFID
Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Laser Scanning
Mechanical Collision Protection Collapse metal bar + safety contact edge
Power Supply Lithium Battery/Nickel-cadmium Battery(48v 60AH)
Vehicle Voltage 48V DC
Charging Method Contact Online Charging
Motor 48V2000W DC motor
Motor Driver DC Server Driver
HMI 7-inch color display