• Double-Way Low Height AGV-QRS20

  • One-Way Traction AGV-QYD2000

  • One-Way Flat AGV-PBD500/1000/20

  • Double-Way Roller AGV-GDS500/10

  • Double Lifting AGV-SJS1000

  • Special Type AGV

  • Industrial Distribution
    The distribution of CIZON’s sales throughout China, subsidiaries and offices belonging to CIZON were established in central China, South China, East China and North-east area of China which provided holonomic products and service for many automobile manufacturers in China. CIZON also has a nationwide complete sales network and a strong service system.
    Structure Innovation
    AS a technology innovation-oriented company, CIZON continue to promote reform, the management adheres the philosophy of people -oriented, forming a stable and enterprising core staff team by the stock right core employee incentive system.
    Technology Innovation
    The technical team of CIZON have worded on the development of mobile robots since 2009,hold and own the independent core technology of products, have many new practical patens and inventions, products have being improved since the launch of products, and achieved good market reputation. CIZON has been investing in research and development, many new Leading-edge technology products achieved good sales in market, Such as Heavy Sorting Robots, On-line automatic equipment etc.
    Yanfeng and European two-way ro
    Zhongtai car door adjusting lin
       Hunan CIZON Robotics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012,which formerly known as Changsha CIZON machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Manly engaged in robots, automation equipment and other high-teach equipment R&D and manufacturing. Years of innovation and development, CIZON is growing up and becoming a technology-leading company with innovation, the main products include 3 categories, 11 series, 40 varieties, AGV products among the top ten in China. At present, the strategic transformation is being promoted in the company, aiming to create a High-end equipment manufacturing company which engages in robot manufacturing, robot integration and overall automation program. CIZON’s products have been applied in many automobile manufacturer successfully, such as SAIC VOLKSWAGEN SAIC MOTOR.SAIC-GM, SGMW, FIAT, Yanfeng Plastic Omnium etc.