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Hunan Chizhong launched - robot farming!!!
  • The "intelligent transportation robot and precise water and fertilizer supply system" developed by Chizhong robot has been officially put into use.

    Red net time Changsha, June 6 (reporter Hu Fang correspondent Liu Chaochao) "when agriculture meets robots, irrigation and fertilization become accurate, regular and quantitative, and farming becomes simple." On June 6, the reporter learned from Changsha Yuhua Economic Development Zone that the "intelligent transportation robot and precise water and fertilizer supply system" developed by Chizhong robot, an enterprise in the park, was officially put into use. The system includes 25 AGVs (English abbreviation of industrial mobile robot), seedling module turnover vehicle, intelligent charging station and AGV control platform, which are applied to accurately implement seedling raising, sowing, sprinkler irrigation, etc. in the nursery. At present, the system has been successfully applied to Shanghai Fumin Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. According to Zou pan, deputy general manager of the company, the research and development of the system is full of the painstaking efforts of the company's team. The company has invested nearly 50 well-known expert teams in the industry. After seven years of tackling key problems and breaking through a series of technical problems, the system was successfully developed. The successful development, production and use of the system has effectively broadened the application field of industrial mobile robots and effectively improved the intelligent level of intelligent agriculture. It is of great significance to promote the in-depth promotion of the strategy of building a strong province in Hunan Province and effectively enhance the international voice of made in China. Zou Pan said that the system is a key construction project for the transformation and upgrading of the company. In the next step, the company will continue to promote strategic transformation and build a high-end manufacturing enterprise integrating robot manufacturing, robot integration and overall automation solutions.